TRADE SHOW: How to Make Your Video Stand Out

Trade shows are back in full force, and you may be looking for a video for your display. But it can be difficult to stand out among the noise and competition 🤔.  📹. So you need to create a video that stands out. To help you make an impression on potential customers, here are some best practices for creating trade show videos.

  1. Keep it silent 🤫: Most trade show floors are loud and don’t allow audio on your video as a courtesy to the attendees and your booth neighbor. People move past quickly and may be unable to hear your video anyway. Instead, use visuals to get attention and communicate your message 📸.
  2. Make it visual 📹: Use fast-paced visuals that are easy to understand and quickly convey what you do in a short amount of time 🕰️. Use kinetic typography to tell your story if your industry is not very visual.
  3. Be concise 💬: You’ve only got about 7 seconds to answer the three most important questions: Where am I? What can I do here? Why should I do it? 🚀.
  4. Short loop 🔁: Make sure your video is on a short loop. This way, if someone misses something the first time around, they can easily catch it on the next loop 🔜. It doesn’t take long to walk boast your booth.
  5. Be a qualifier: Videos are great for qualifying potential leads and helping them determine if they need more information. In a trade show, people try to figure out what you do quickly and decide if they need more information. Use your video to help them make that decision 🤝.

Here’s an example of a video that would be good for a trade show for a SaaS platform.:

Where am I?

What can I do here?

Why should I do it?

Consider asking engaging questions to passersby. For example, “What brought you here today?” or “Can I help you find something?”

Trade shows are a great opportunity to connect with potential customers. With a well-executed plan, your company can stand out from the noise and competition 🤔.