150k+ Potential

You can hit that number even in these uncertain times. How?

We sell what every company craves: Profitable Sales Leads.

We’re an established, growing company with nearly a decade long track record using our proprietary Identity Resolution technology. We are looking for talent that is highly motivated and ready to help expand our offering in these uncertain times. Experience in sales and/or have active business relationships you can leverage is a MAJOR plus...but certainly not mandatory for the right person. If you’re interested in a 150k+ opportunity that:
  • Allows you to offer what every company wants...even in today’s uncertain times: Profitable sales leads.
  • 25% of gross income paid residually for the life of client. Uncapped Income allows you to earn what you're worth and designed for those with income goals exceeding $150,000+
  • Have all your deals closed for you...while still being paid a FULL Commission.
  • All the sales tools, training and support you will ever need at no cost to you. We lead from the front by being in the trenches with our team.

If interested, please watch this first video designed for our prospective clients.

The second video will provide an overview of the technology and opportunity. Thank you.