Right now there are people actively pursuing a personal injury lawyer. Can you name them? I can.

Our proprietary technology allows us to do just that. We can identify by internet behavior who is In-market and market to them on any channel online or offline because we know them by name.

This allows us to produce profitable sales leads that you cannot get elsewhere. Now because of this I have a strict one client per area policy. If you want to discuss deploying this for your business, let's connect.

Data Driven By Artificial Intelligence.

Our InMarket Leads System uses artificial intelligence and a highly-optimized data-driven process to identify who is actively pursuing what you sell. With our data, technology and smart market systems, we create campaigns that are designed to control the conversation with the 3% of the market who are actually ready-to-buy and eliminate the 97% who aren't. We have been dropping client lead costs by up to 75%.